20:20 Selection Ltd a Pharma recruitment agency that provides a range of specialist services for our clients.

At 20:20 selection we appreciate how important it is to bring the right candidate on board and that the recruitment process needs to be smooth. With this aim in mind we have a range of client services that can help. From providing a professional interview room to helping with your campaign management. Below are a selection of services we provide.

Medical Sales Vacancies: Direct to Headcount Recruitment

Whether you are looking to fill a one-off medical sales vacancy or numerous positions nationwide, 20:20 Selection will provide high calibre candidates for the whole range of sales force and marketing vacancies. Since 2002 we have developed our own recruitment process that is both rigorous and robust. Once we take on your brief we embark on an extensive search for the specialist individuals who meet your desired profile.

Contract Sales Representatives

The team at 20:20 have over 50 years of expertise in the healthcare and pharma industries and recruitment. Using our expertise we can offer tailored solutions based on your business requirements. We have experience of managing representatives employed by 20:20 Selection Ltd who work on a dedicated basis for client organisations. Contact Karen, our M.D for further information on 0845 026 2020.

State of the Art Interviewing Facilities

As a complimentary service for our clients we provide use of our professional boardroom. This can be used to conduct interviews and meetings at your convenience.

The 20:20 Selection office is located just 20 minutes from the M6 and 15 minutes from Preston railway station.

Recruitment Campaign Management

Many of our clients use 20:20 Selection to manage complete projects as we form a credible link between HR and Sales Management. This enables sales managers to concentrate on core activities, yet still leaves them in control of the decision making process.

“Karen and the 20:20 team were invaluable in helping me manage the initial build of the team. From helping design the recruitment day, through efficient logistics and of course providing a great selection of results driven candidates to choose from. The team went on to exceed their target in the first year. Thank you Karen.”
D.O. Neuroscience Manager

Our comprenhensive services include;

  • Advertising with appropriate media placement
  • Co-ordination of Client preferred-supplier recruitment agencies as well as direct applicants
  • CV review and short-listing
  • Initial stage interviewing
  • Management of final Selection Process (Selection Centres or Interview Diary Planning)
  • Development, co-ordination and facilitation of Selection Centres
  • Regular status reports/feedback/statistics

Selection and Assessment Centres

Setting up and running Selection Centres can be time consuming and a drain on your company resource. That is why 20:20 Selection Ltd have been helping clients by running their assessment centres since 2002.
Because of our range of experience in the industry we are able to make the process much easier by undertaking many or all the components of a Selection Centre dependent upon your needs, such as:

  • Setting objective assessment criteria based on Competencies or Capabilities
  • Exercise Design/Generation
  • Programme planning
  • Training of assessors
  • Co-ordination and logistics of Selection Centre
  • Facilitation of debrief/decision making session
  • Compilation of feedback

20:20 Selection can ensure delivery of a quality process in a cost effective manner. This service is independent of other resourcing activities as we work as managers of the client organisation in order to identify the ‘highest calibre individuals’ irrespective of source.

To find out more call one of our team on 0845 026 2020